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Content House

As I bring spectacular content creators in a mansion and do great things all from scratch

Web 3.0

Learning all about the future of the internet combined with the cool things about NFT, DeFi 2.0, and more…

Welcome you, I’m Pooria !

Welcome to my portal where I share about my journey on creating Vancouver’s first-ever content house and explorations into Web 3.0, the world of NFTs, DEFI, and Blockchain.

Let’s collaborate  on new and exciting adventures

Starting Brands

To make exciting names for the community involved with by making an awesome brand identity

Starting Communities

Launching a new token, Dapp, or just-another SaaS, having communities is essential

Starting Startups

Got a bag full of ideas? Well, so do I. They need to be executed and create revenue and we can do that

🔥 Arenas

we could explore

Let’s do cool things in areas that I feel confident about exploring with you in the upcoming decades



Undergraduate studies



Content Creation


Web/App Development

Also, checkout this  NFT course I made.

Come and join me as I explore Web 3.0 and the world of NFTs. Learning about the basics, finding trends, learning the lingo, and even making a collection in the process!

$0 for primary experience

✓ Prepare yourself for the future of the internet

Detailed syllabus, infographics, and downloadables available

Build-in-public segments with opportunity to collaborate on your ideas

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